Smart Convenience Foods


if it came from a plant

This is one of my favorite food quotes, so much wisdom in just a few simple words.  Convenience foods are exactly what their name says they are; convenient.  They are  so easy when you are hungry and tired, grab a package and go!   The problem is, with a package usually comes a price.  Most packaged convenience foods are  heavily processed and contain additives, chemicals, food dyes and preservatives to make the food taste good and to preserve its shelf life.

We all need a little convenience in our lives; so I put together a list of quick and easy substitutes that are just as convenient without the additives. I hope this will get you started on a new way to look at convenience foods ~ the healthy way. . .

smart subs


Try making an extra batch of oatmeal or cook up some extra chicken and turkey to use throughout the week.  Tell me in the comments, what is your favorite  healthy convenience food?