The Plant Plus Diet Solution – A Book Review


Plant Based Diet

I recently had the opportunity to read and review the The Plant Plus Diet Solution.  You might be thinking,  oh great another new fad diet book.   Please don’t let that stop you from picking up this  book.   The Plant Plus Diet Solution is  loaded with valuable information, and is much more than just another  diet book.  The foundation of the Plant Plus Diet Solution is a diet rich in plants (vegetables) with a side of lean proteins, fruit, dairy, nuts and seeds (plus).  Joan Borysenko, the author’s philosophy is  that since  we are all different, there is no one diet that will suit everyone.  These two ideas combine perfectly; and in this book  you will discover how to change  your eating habits  with a plan that is customized for you.

Borysenko, a cell biologist as well as a health psychologist  shares her knowledge of nutrition from both the scientific and psychological aspects.  In  Part One, which she calls “Science Bites,”  she discusses the science of nutrition.  She begins  with Standard American Diet (SAD), a diet that is loaded with processed foods and how it  impacts  our health.  There are several chapters in Science Bites that delve into various  dietary matters such as metabolism,  low-fat/high carbohydrates, high protein/low carbohydrates, calorie counting, good fat/bad fat, and insulin resistance to name a few.  In Part Two, “Lifestyle Bites”  she provides useful tools  to help fight cravings,  encourage mindful eating habits, and tips for planning a plant plus kitchen.  Part Three lays out  the plant plus reboot, including advice on how to  customize the diet.  Part Four consists  of several easy to prepare and delicious  recipes  that will  help to get started on the Plant Plus Diet.

Even though the book is called “The Plant Plus Diet Solution,” the solution really is a  lifestyle change rather than a diet.    The Plant Plus Diet Solution is about more than just weight loss; it’s about optimum health, and  I highly recommend to everyone.  It’s well written  with loads of information, tips and suggestions with a touch of humor.

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received the book from Hay House for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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