Eat Your Vegetables

veggie collage




You’ve  probably heard it a million times; eat your vegetables!  Unfortunately, the American diet has fallen off the wagon when it comes to making vegetables a priority.   Why is it that the one food that we can eat unlimited amounts of is difficult for us to eat?   Vegetables are a nutritional powerhouse, yet  they have taken the back seat on most plates.   Now that the warm weather is here, take advantage of the delicious fresh vegetables that are abundant. Pay a visit to your local farmer’s market and stock up some fresh produce.  Experiment with different combinations of vegetables; you can even be daring and take home a vegetable that you have never tried before, you might just like it!

Not only  are vegetables a healthy option, they are  quick and easy to prepare.   They  can be steamed, roasted,  grilled, sauteed, or eaten raw.  Change up the ways you prepare your vegetables, and notice how the flavor changes with the different methods.

If  vegetables aren’t on your top 10 of favorites; try to at least add some leafy greens into your diet, they are the best of the best when it comes to vegetables. They play an important role in establishing a healthy body and immune system as well as purifying your blood and improving  your circulation. Leafy green vegetables are also a high alkaline food which helps to neutralize acidic conditions in our bodies.

Why not take Bobby Flay’s advice  and change the psychology of your plate by  making  the colorful fresh vegetables the main attraction and save the meat/protein for the side show.   Your plate will be beautiful and your body will thank you.


Check out some of these delicious veggie recipes:

Arugula Salad with Shredded Beets

Kale Slaw

Spinach Salad with Wheat Berries

Pasta Salad with Spinach

Coconut Curried Tofu with Spinach

Zucchini Pasta with Lentils


Tell me in the comments below, what is your favorite vegetable?