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January is Soup Month and a Recipe!

It’s January and it’s soup month!  I would say January is a fitting  month for enjoying  a warm and comforting bowl of soup wouldn’t you?   A hearty bowl of soup can provide a very nutritional meal, especially when it is  loaded with vegetables.   Soup is  easy to make, and I’m not talking about opening a can.  Have you read…

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Orange Juice - Make it or buy it

Orange Juice, Make it or Buy it?

I don’t know about you, but when I drink something that says “100% pure and natural orange juice,”  I am expecting just that. . . pure juice squeezed from an orange.   If you are a label reader like I am, you  probably have noticed that just about every container of orange juice in the  supermarket claims or implies that…

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clean staples

Kitchen Staples for Eating Clean

  Another year, another resolution!  If you resolved to be a healthier you this year, you may be thinking that you should be cooking more and taking out less.  But where do you begin?   The thought of eating real honest to goodness food  on a regular basis may seem terrifying to you,  but don’t let it be.   Fill your…

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Lucky Foods for a Prosperous New Year (1)

Lucky Foods for a Prosperous New Year

  Food is a part of our life in so many ways.  It nourishes us, it comforts us, it celebrates with us and it even brings us luck!  Many cultures around the world believe that what you eat on New Year’s will bring you good fortune in the year to come.  The traditions or superstitions vary from culture to culture, and…

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