arugula salad

Is it a Salad Rocket or Arugula?

Is it a salad rocket or just plain old arugula?  Well, that depends on where you are from.  I thought a salad rocket was a newfangled salad, and I was surprised when I realized that  I’ve  been eating it for years.   It’s arugula!   Apparently the US is the only country that calls it arugula.  Depending on where you are from, you…

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Six Easy Things You Can Do To Celebrate Earth Day and Every Day

Happy Earth Day!  Suggestions and ideas are popping up all over the Internet today as  we celebrate Mother Earth.      There  are  so many little things that we all can do that will make a difference.  Today  I thought I would share my  Earth Day practices. Try one,two or all and you will not only be helping our planet, you will  be…

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Sprouted Grains and Brown Rice Salad

April is sprouted grains month, at least that  is according to the National Whole Grain Council.  If you haven’t noticed, sprouted grains are becoming quite popular lately.   There are breads, pastas and cereals made with sprouted grains.  You can also purchase sprouted grain flours as well as the grains other than buying breads made with sprouted grains,  so I did a…

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Incredible Eggs – What Eggsactly Do All Of The Terms Mean?

Not too long ago eggs had a pretty bad reputation.  Thankfully that  has changed over the past few years and they are good eggs again, which is great news!  Eggs are an inexpensive power food, and they aren’t just for breakfast either. Eggs are an excellent stand in for a quick-lunch, dinner, snack or to add protein to salads.   Eggs are  an excellent source…

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