How and Why I Shop LO-L-O (local-organic, local, organic)

Maybe it’s because I love to eat fresh food, or that I love to shop – but when I buy food, especially produce,  it comes from a variety of  places. I am no longer making  the dreaded once a week trip to the supermarket and unloading bags of groceries to last  me a week.  Instead, I’m shopping at local farms and farmers’ markets,…

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Farmers market

Easy Ways To Add Vegetables To Your Diet

Happy Summer! June is almost over, it’s FINALLY summer and. . .  it’s the end of National Fruit and Vegetable month.  If you ask me,  I think ALL  of summer should be declared National Fruit and Vegetable season.   Fresh fruits and vegetables are popping up all over the place, and they will be for the next several months.   If you have been thinking…

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How to build a salad

How to Build a Salad

Did   you know that here in the US,  June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable month?   It makes perfect sense, fresh fruits and vegetables are becoming abundant  in supermarkets  and farmer’s markets are  popping up all over the place.   It’s  time for serious salad making.   I am often  asked for  my salad recipes, and truthfully, I don’t  have any….

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arugula salad

Is it a Salad Rocket or Arugula?

Is it a salad rocket or just plain old arugula?  Well, that depends on where you are from.  I thought a salad rocket was a newfangled salad, and I was surprised when I realized that  I’ve  been eating it for years.   It’s arugula!   Apparently the US is the only country that calls it arugula.  Depending on where you are from, you…

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